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Our Global Mission

This is the company that opens doors by inviting the world to share meals and cultures. That makes the world smaller and as friendly as dinner conversation. The company that invites you to quickly grow with us as our business partner. The company that adds spice to your life.

Social responsibility is the emotional element of Your Inspiration at Home. Food transcends cultural boundaries and national borders. Families in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, the U.S. and around the world can all make the same meal for dinner. They can celebrate the origins, seasonings and diversities of different cultures. Every taste creates ambassadors and evangelists for this cause. We put everyone in the world around the same dinner table.

Charitable Giving

Your Inspiration at Home makes the world a smaller, better and friendlier place through the cultural exchange of good food. We also support global charitable efforts. One such organization is KIVA - the world’s first non-profit online lending platform that connects online lenders to small, life-changing entrepreneurs. It’s all part of our dedication to global unity.

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